Sunday, September 5, 2010

Scratch Bakery

I went to Scratch Bakery for the first time two weeks ago. It was amazing! I decided that next year for my birthday that would be where I would get my cupcake or delicious pastry. It is the best bakery in the Portland area that I have visited so far. There were so many different beautiful things to select from that it quite frankly was difficult to pick! This was the only cupcake they had that day, but it was called something like the "Party Cupcake". How could you not pick that! They also put everything I bought in that beautiful pink box. The cupcake was dense and moist. It was so fantastic. It makes me sad that I am now going to have to cut back on my sweets, yet again, but next time I allow myself that luxury I will definitely be going back to Scratch. I can't even remember the specific details about the cupcake itself, but it was perfect.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Cupcake from The Brown Bag in Rockland. So awesome. So delicious. The Brown Bag has a bakery attached to their restaurant and it has a nice selection of pastries. This cupcake was gigantic. Definitely a two serving cupcake. I had half one day and then saved the rest for the next. They also have a fantastic egg salad sandwich.