Tuesday, February 19, 2013


Remember when I used to eat cupcakes and other sweets all the time? Yeah, me too. Then I lost 20ish pounds and don't eat them as often. I do, however, enjoy a good frozen yogurt from Go Berry whenever I can remember to make it down to Fore Street when they are open. I wasn't a fan the first time I went in when they initially opened (I can't even remember why), but over the summer when I didn't really care to eat anything... GoBerry was something that I would always find appealing. GoBerry's frozen yogurt, tacos and Thai food was pretty much what I lived on for a couple of months.

What I like about GoBerry is that you can have many options for toppings, including fresh fruit, but most importantly, chocolate chips. I have managed to acquire a fairly significant chocolate chip addiction. I can't start my day without a greek yogurt and chocolate chip ratio of 1:1. No joke. The friendly folks that work there are good sources of flavor/topping combinations. I usually like to have two flavors with chocolate chips as a topping. However, there are times that I have asked for suggestions from the staff and they gave me some that led to a very delicious treat that I would not have come up with on my own. They also steered me away from a flavor combination that I was thinking of trying, which would not have been as delicious as I thought it might be.

Now I wish it weren't past the GoBerry closing time, because I sure do have a jonesin' for some froyo. Their facebook page keeps me updated to their current flavor offerings, which is convenient as I like to know my options prior to arrival. I am finicky and it can take me a very long time to make my mind up.

I feel like when the weather gets a little warmer again, I will once again be more adventurous at trying new things and hunting out the "sweet" stuff.