Sunday, March 11, 2012

You know what I still like?

Cupcakes. Lots and Lots of Cupcakes. Yes I had to capitalize Lots and Cupcakes in that sentence when it didn't even call for it. That's how serious I am about this. These cupcakes are from Cakes Extraordinaire on Brighton Avenue. They are pretty good, however, I am not even going to attempt to write a blog post about these ones since I ate them three months ago. Maybe five...That's how far behind I am in life.

I also like warm, fun times outside still. However, since it's been winter, that hasn't occurred quite as much. School and work (six days and now seven days a week) have been dominating all of my time.

I have been still enjoying my loves of delicious baked goods, just not quite as often and with less time to inform the Great Portland area about it. My pants fit just a little bit better, but it's just not as satisfying as knowing you are spreading the good word of good treats. There is a fantastic new spot for cupcakes opening up in the Portland Public Market, their first day open was this very weekend. Y-Limes Gourmet has been a go to in the wholesale market for coffee shops in the Portland area and now the general public can go to their retail location to be guaranteed a freshly baked, delicious cupcake. Please consider going and welcoming the newest edition to the cupcake scene in Portland.

Another of my current go-to's for baked goods is The Bakery on the Hill. Wolf makes the most amazing pastries and is one of the most positive people I have met. I am currently jonesin' for the Oreo roll. It is pure perfection in confectionery form. I love that every time I go in there, I am immediately welcomed AND they remember my name. I love places that take the time to learn the customers names and then remember them. I personally am more of a face person, so I am always impressed when someone remembers my name, since I can never remember anyone's name. I blame the ADD. So, in addition to going to the Portland Public Market and welcoming Y-Limes, my few followers, please go to The Bakery on the Hill and enjoy the wonderful pastries and the amazing energy that the owners have put into the place. They are also a new addition to the ever growing culinary scene here in Portland and I don't think Portland could have asked for a better baker than Wolf. Spread the love Portland.