Saturday, January 1, 2011

So far, I have failed on this diet. I have eaten cookies at Bard, but only because there were no cupcakes there that day. We in fact only went into Bard in the hopes that there would be some Cupcake Cha Cha cupcakes there, but it was surprising to me how good their chocolate chip cookie was. I also got a hot chocolate, which was almost a necessity as it was this past Monday and during a blizzard. So, I think I will allow myself a weekly treat of a cupcake and still continue the blog since it's obvious that there is no way I can give up ALL treats, but hopefully at least most of them.

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  1. Hi there Teh,
    This is Steph, from Tulips Cupcakery, I was hoping I could leave a couple cupcakes at Kamasouptra for your to try out! I know you've tried my minis and I'd love for you to try the regular sized ones too!

    I'm delivering cupcakes to the Portland area on Friday - let me know if you are able to pick them up at Kamasouptra and I'll put a few aside for you! you can email me at