Sunday, July 31, 2011

I'm not sure how many cupcake aficionados who read this blog have seen, but if you haven't already you have to go see it. The same friend that made my birthday cupcakes is trying out a few of Ming's cupcake recipes and made cupcake 32, the graham cupcake with key lime cream cheese frosting. My friend took some liberties with the frosting recipe, incorporating some of the rind in it, as well as making a candied lime rind garnish. It was so delicious and so beautiful, as you can see above. I liked the frosting much more than I liked the graham cupcake, but the flavors worked so well together.

My friends and I have an interesting debate going on (which started at East End Cupcakes one night), as to when is it a cupcake and when has it actually crossed into muffin territory. This cupcake was more of a muffin consistency, which was one of the reasons that I didn't like cake part as much as I had wanted to. I hope that the next test cupcake will be one of the cupcakes from 17-19, because they look amazing. Perhaps even 18 specifically...a sour cream apricot cupcake with a mascarpone frosting and toasted almonds...yes please!!!

Another interesting cupcake tidbit, I am currently watching Cupcake Wars on the Food Network. I love this show! I have always liked the food challenge shows on food network, specifically the ones where they have to build massive cakes or sugar sculptures and then move them to the display table, which resulted in at least one cake or sculpture falling over from the transport. Very sad for the competitors, but very funny for me.

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