Sunday, February 13, 2011

Tulips Cupcakery: The Perfect Valentine

I went into Kamasouptra today to get some soup after a particularly long group meeting for my MBA Practicum course. I saw a few cupcakes from Tulips Cupcakery that I had not seen before! One with adorable pink frosting and another one that looked like red velvet cake. I asked what flavors they were and found that the adorable one was champagne with raspberry frosting and the other was in fact a red velvet cupcake. The champagne cupcake came highly recommended from the woman working at Kamasouptra, so I had to try it. She let me know that in the middle there was raspberry curd, which I think was the perfect complement to the cupcake. It was just the right amount of tart to offset the sweetness of the cupcake. The cake itself tasted almost like a sugar cookie. It was a nice base for the frosting and the raspberry curd in the middle. None of the flavors had to compete with each other, which is a nice change of pace from some cupcakes that are a little too overwhelming. The frosting was creamy and not too sweet, to the point that I could have a bite of just the frosting and not feel an immediate cavity coming on, like some frosting makes me feel.

One thing that I love about Tulips Cupcakery is the fact that most of their cupcakes look like a little flower. Seriously, look at how adorable that cupcake is! These champagne with raspberry frosting cupcakes would make the perfect Valentine's gift for a loved one. I was trying to save my red velvet cupcake that I bought for tomorrow, but I'm pretty sure after dinner tonight I will be eating that one as well.


  1. i love those cupcakes. they're ridiculously good (and moist!). have you tried scratch cupcakes? they are haunting me. want... one... now!!

  2. I have had the cupcakes at Scratch! Well, I've only had one, but it was really good! I'll have to make another trip over to SoPo soon to have another. All of their baked goods there are so good.