Sunday, June 24, 2012

Bakery on the Hill

Thank goodness Bakery on the Hill is open again. There was a change of ownership and during that period of time and some renovations, it was closed for a month or two. I was quite distraught seeing as it was the end of tax season and I was very much in the need for some delicious baked goods. Now they are open again and the deserts are just as fantastic as they were under the prior ownership. I hadn't tried a cupcake there before the changeover, but a few weeks ago I popped in on my way to get a slice at Otto's and picked one up. I decided that some desert was needed to round out that very healthy meal of pizza. 

Chocolate cupcake with chocolate frosting

The cupcake was everything I would ever want in a cupcake. The cake was moist, had a great chocolate flavor and the frosting was light. I love a good butter cream, don't get me wrong, but there are often times when it is much too heavy for the cupcake that it is paired with. This was the perfect pairing of frosting and cake. Both were light and sweet, however neither was too sweet. I find that it is quite a feat for a cupcake in today's market to manage to avoid that "overdone" trap that so many bakeries that make cupcakes have fallen into. Sometimes you just want a basic cupcake, that is really effing good, without the five inches of frosting and a level of sweetness that should result in an immediate trip to the dentist. Bakery on the Hill is a master of this really effing good cupcake.

I also decided that I needed another treat, since I would be sharing both of these with my significant other. I made the very tough decision (only because they have so many visually appealing treats to choose from) and went with this raspberry mousse, chocolate treat. I can't remember the exact name they gave it, but I do recall how delicious it was.

This picture only slightly does it justice.The raspberry is quite mild in the cream portion, which was perfect for me as I am not very fond of raspberry. It is quite delicious in this treat and the chocolate crust on the bottom was, as silly as it might sound, my favorite part of it. Each layer is distinctly different and adds in an additional element of complexity with texture and flavor.

I am very lucky that they are just around the corner from me on Congress Street, but they are well worth any drive.

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