Sunday, May 29, 2011

Aurora Provisions- Memorial Day

I have to admit, I am a gigantic fan of the complicated cupcake. However, there are days when you just want a simple and really effing good cupcake. Thankfully Aurora Provisions was able to provide that simple, yet fantastic tasting cupcake for the Memorial Day weekend. I love when food is decorated for holidays, so the patriot sugar sprinkles and flag were the perfect finishing touches to the basic chocolate and vanilla butter cream frosting cupcake.

This is a really embarrassing fact that I have to share, but I had never been into Aurora Provisions before the other day when I was on my cupcake mission. I had a general idea as to what they have there, since I have a few friends who currently work there or who have worked there, but I had unfortunately not made the trip in to see for myself. I have a cupcake tipster who informed me that they had cupcakes there that day, since they don't always have cupcakes available and they often sell out quite fast when they do.

I am so glad that my tipster let me know they had cupcakes there that day, since it really was the best basic cupcake I have had in a while. The butter cream frosting was really light and not too sweet. The flavor for the frosting was spot on to complement the chocolate cupcake. The sugar sprinkles gave it a fantastic crunch and obvious visual appeal. The cake aspect itself was very moist and had a rich chocolate flavor to it. I could have eaten either the cupcake portion or the frosting by themselves, but together they were even more delicious and neither flavor overwhelmed the other. It says a lot about a cupcake if separately you could eat the frosting AND the cake. Some cupcakes I think it would be better without the frosting or the frosting is much better than the cupcake. That is a phenomenon that occurs more often than I would like.

My friend Meghan came with me and also enjoyed her own chocolate cupcake with vanilla frosting. The first picture doesn't really give justice to how large these cupcakes actually are, but this one does. Meghan's facial expression is communicating: "How do I even start eating this massive cupcake!"

Thankfully, neither one of us minds getting frosting on our faces and we are both the kind of good friend who will let the other know when we have missed a spot with our napkin, as Meghan let me know...

Aurora Provisions has much more than delicious baked goods and I look forward to my next visit in to try something else. They are located in the West End, at 64 Pine Street. Check out their website for more information:

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