Sunday, May 1, 2011

Dairy Corner

The Dairy Corner has quickly replaced my prior favorite ice cream shop, Beals. It is in Scarborough on the way to Pine Point beach. Pine Point is my favorite beach in the Portland area. I love the sand, I love the waves and I love that I can peer down the beach to see Old Orchard Beach, but not have to go all the way down there to deal with the craziness. Also, there are usually not that many people at Pine Point in comparison to Old Orchard. One additional benefit for Pine Point is that the Dairy Corner is conveniently located on the way to the beach, which makes it the beach that I have to go to when I have the need for some sand and sun.

The Dairy Corner has, hands down, the best soft serve I have ever had. Some ice cream shops have soft serve that is just too watery or has weird little chunks in it, but the Dairy Corner's is perfection. It has just the right amount of creaminess to it. They have a weekly special soft serve flavor, which is what I normally have. Some of my favorite flavors last summer were banana and strawberry. This week the flavor was butter pecan, which I wasn't quite sure that I would like. I've never been a fan of that flavor, so I decided that I would go with the classic vanilla/chocolate twist with rainbow sprinkles. I always have to have the sprinkles and honestly you can never go wrong with vanilla soft serve. I asked the woman who sold me my ice cream what next week's flavor will be and it will be Peanut Butter. I'm definitely making a trip down to Scarborough to try that one and take another walk at Pine Point.

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  1. I just went there for the first time about a week ago... its was WONDERFUL.