Friday, April 29, 2011

First lunch time Dairy Queen trip. Blizzards are one of the best summer treats while working at the office in Bath. I tried a mini blizzard for the first time, a cookie dough one to be specific. They are the perfect size. Last summer my coworker and I would share a small blizzard, but now that they have these mini blizzards I don't have to defer to whatever she wants. I would much rather go to other ice cream places, but there is something novel about going to the Dairy Queen. It reminds me of being young and trying to talk my mom into stopping on the way home for a Nerd's blizzard. I would rank the Dairy Queen up there with the nostalgic value of McDonalds. That might seem odd, since I really don't eat that much fast food anymore, but there will always be a warm fuzzy spot in my heart for the Happy Meals that I enjoyed there as a child. Just like there will always be that same warm spot in my heart for all those Nerd blizzards that gave me so many upset stomachs...


  1. yes! i saw that advertised, and i figured it was perfect for me, since i can't finish a small one. i love dq! i know where they all are- and i've def. been to that one a few times. :)

  2. They really are the perfect size!