Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Maine Mead Works

This evening I went to a networking event that was put on by Propel. I had high expectations for this event; expectations that included finding my future husband. Unfortunately, that did not happen, but thankfully to soften the blow there was Maine Mead Works there to let me sample a few of their flavors that I had yet to try. I am a little wary of buying an entire bottle of something new, just in case I don't actually like it. I am the same way with six packs of beer or even trying a new beer at a bar. I'm pretty set in my ways and once I know I like something it is quite hard for me to try something new. As I talked to the owner about the differences between each kind, he let me sample two flavors I had as of yet to try: the dry mead and the blueberry mead. I am fairly certain that I have tried the rest of the flavors, with the Lavender and the Dry Hops being my favorites. I liked the blueberry mead much more than the dry, since the dry mead reminded me too much of what a regular wine would taste like and I am not that fond of wine. This fact could be surprising since I love the Maine Mead Works mead so much, but I am really much more of a beer girl, specifically PBR or Allagash. It was really nice to be able to express to the man who makes the mead how much I enjoy his product. Maine Mead Works mead is one of the few things that helped me make it through this past tax season. I say that as I sip some of the cranberry mead that I have left over from the craziness of last week.

I recently learned that they have a location on 51 Washington Avenue that offers tours! I can't wait to go see them actually making the mead that I have come to love so much. Also, it turns out you can now buy their mead at a few select Hannaford locations in Maine, including the one on Forest Avenue. This makes me extremely excited as I don't always like to have to go into Whole Foods to buy one specific thing (Lavender Mead) and then having to buy ten million other things just because I saw them (I am obviously an impulse buyer and have no control). I regularly shop at Hannaford and was always perturbed by the fact that they had as of yet to carry Maine Mead Works. Another recent addition for locations to buy it at is the Mobil on Forest Ave. If I am too lazy to make it to Hannaford or Whole Foods I could just walk down the street to the Mobil. Life is turning out to be pretty good (and tipsy!) this summer.

BTW, the owner is super nice and will answer any mead related questions that you can possibly ask him. When owners of companies are easy to talk to and obviously have a love of what they are doing, it makes it that much better for me to enjoy their product and tell others about how amazing it is. Even if it has nothing to do with cupcakes...however I think cupcakes and mead would make the perfect pairing!


  1. They also carry mead at norvare red off exchange street(look for the key bank sign. they have all the different flavors, including lavender and blueberry. I will have to tell my boyfriend about the mead tour, that's pretty cool...they love mead.

  2. Next time I go to Novare Res I will have to get some mead. I never know what to order and get so overwhelmed by all the choices! Thanks for letting me know that they have it there!