Thursday, April 21, 2011

A fuzzy photo of my lunch at the Starlight Cafe in Bath. It is one of my favorite lunch spots, but not as frequented as some of the others, purely based on its cash only nature. I never have cash. I did however make the effort to stop at the bank on my way back to the office from a dentist appointment so that I could take my parents out to lunch at the Starlight Cafe today.

My pick for best lunch there is the veggie home fries with anadama bread. Breakfast for lunch! AWESOME! Oh so good and includes two eggs anyway you want them. I also bought one of the biggest whoopie pies I have seen in a very long time to share with my father later in the afternoon. It's apparent that the Starlight Cafe got the memo that the whoopie pie is Maine's official state treat.


  1. dude, do you want to come to our next cupcake tasting? we can do booze parings too! email me