Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Not so local...

Ok, so I am going to preface this by saying I am a huge buy local person. Well, most of the time. Sometimes you find yourself in a not so local location and in need of some sustenance. This is the situation where I found myself this past Sunday. Since tax season dominated my life so entirely, I hadn't been able to go grocery shopping in what seems like forever. I had to quickly eat something before I went to a roller derby bout at Happy Wheels and the only thing I could find were these raviolis in my fridge that I didn't even have time to cook. So I ate them. I'll be honest in saying and it shouldn't be that much of a surprise that they just didn't cut it. When it turned out that we had arrived at the bout around forty five minutes before doors were going to open; I took this opportunity to say to my fellow bout goers "Hey, let's go to Starbucks and get some drinks/food". Starbucks was the closest and quickest food location I could think of. I had been to this Starbucks, the Forest Ave one, a few months ago when a professor suggested it for a meeting location. While there I saw that they had these tiny and adorable cupcakes, however did not manage to snag one before our meeting started. This time, I made it a priority to get one and find out if the cupcakes at Starbucks could possibly match up to the local competition in Portland. The few times that I have been to Starbucks I have had the banana bread and always enjoyed it, so I had slightly high expectations before trying their cupcakes.

They had two options available, one a carrot cake cupcake and the other one was a peanut butter cupcake. I chose the peanut butter one, only because I really wasn't in a carrot cake mood. I feel like carrot cake is one of those things you really need to be in the mood for and I just wasn't feeling it that day. I am always in the mood for a chocolate peanut butter combination, especially if it has tiny piece of a peanut butter cup on top. The cupcake part itself wasn't all that spectacular. It reminded me of a cheap whoopie pie you could buy at a convenience station. It was moist and chocolaty, but nothing special. The peanut butter frosting made up for the cupcake part. It was slightly gritty and not very creamy, but I wouldn't say that this was a spectacular cupcake in any way. It was a nice treat to go with my iced tea, but I wouldn't go out of my way to get another one of these cupcakes, especially with how many amazing other cupcake choices we have in Portland.

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