Monday, April 18, 2011

I apologize for the hiatus!

I AM BACK. I am thankfully on the correct side of tax season (you know, when it's finally over and done with) and thankfully have days off now. The past two days have been a derby-palooza, with my friend DeAnne and I going down to Boston on Saturday night to watch the Boston Massacre vs The Philly Liberty Belles and then watching our two Portland teams yesterday. I love going to the Boston bouts, because as I have reviewed them before, Kickass Cupcakes are there with their oh so amazing treats.

I mean, look at those cupcakes!!! My favorite is the cookie dough, which is in the lower left corner. It has actual cookie dough in the middle. The two chocolate ones have caramel in the middle and the topping is a mocha flavor, while the frosting is just a mind blowing chocolate. The other cupcake is a lemon with white chocolate frosting. I had the cookie dough cupcake and one of the chocolate ones and DeAnne had the other two. They had ten flavors in total available at the bout, but the lady who was helping us said they had some crazy number available at the store, something like twenty five. I can't even imagine having to make a choice with that many options available. As it was I had couldn't narrow my choice down to just one and had to have two. I just realized by looking through my past entries that I had the exact same two cupcakes the last time I went to a Boston bout. Perhaps I should try something new the next time I make it down there. I'm pretty sure I will still get a cookie dough one (they are really good!) but I will try to change out the second one to something new.

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