Monday, May 9, 2011

Scratch Bakery

This picture I feel really falls under the food porn category. Last week a friend of my posted on her Facebook page a picture of a banana cream cupcake that she had bought at Scratch, mentioning how amazing it was. Since I was in desperate need of a study break, I thought it would be nice to take the trip over to South Portland and see for myself how amazing this cupcake was.

I had heard previously about how good the cupcakes are at Scratch, specifically from fellow Portland food blogger Kate. I have had some of their other delicious desserts in the past, due to the fact that there were no cupcakes available on the days that I had made it in. All of their desserts are a safe bet if you are in need of a delicious treat.

My brain is a little fried from studying, so I am going to get straight to the point. This cupcake was definitely amazing and in contention for the best cupcake in the Portland area. The frosting wasn't so much frosting as it was a whipped cream cloud placed on top of the cupcake. It tasted exactly like homemade whipped cream that my mom makes every year at Christmas. In the middle of the cupcake there was pudding, which made the cake portion even more moist than it already was and added another delicious dimension to the cupcake. There were also little pieces of banana within the pudding and on top of the frosting.

I wish that I had bought more than one and justified my purchase of two by saying I would eat the second cupcake the next day, but then I would have totally eaten two in a row instead. That is how delicious this cupcake is; it results in a total breakdown of self control. It had the perfect amount of sweetness to it, not an overwhelming sweetness like some cupcakes have (ahem...Hannaford...Starbucks...)

Since my prior best cupcake in Portland is currently unavailable, due to a hiatus on cupcakery from Cupcake Cha Cha (however I think she still does special orders), it would be safe to say that Scratch's banana cream cupcake is currently the best cupcake in Portland. I love a moist cupcake, frosting that is not too sweet and quirky additions to the cupcake that distinguish it from the ordinary. Scratch Bakery is able to deliver all three with this cupcake.


  1. ahhhhh, i love it- it's so good! what time of day did you go, so i can try to snag one too??

  2. I don't know specifically what time it was, but I feel like it was morning or early afternoon. I don't even know what day of the week it was, because it was last week and I think I've currently lost all concept of time due to my intense focus on schoolwork.

  3. Mmmmmm.... So, I think you'll have to join us in our last(soon to be scheduled) cupcake tasting. I'll contact you when we start throwing around some dates.

  4. Can you hook me up with an email addy--we're planning the last cupcake tasting and would love for you to join us. Cheers.