Thursday, October 20, 2011

Gelato Wars-Portland Showdown

Seriously. This new development that is going to occur in early December is just too overwhelming to me. "What new development?!" you might be asking...well...*GULP* My original favorite gelato shop is opening across the street from my PORTLAND FAVORITE GELATO SHOP.

Now when I get the hankering for gelato, I won't only have the option of Gorgeous Gelato in Portland. It was quite simple: I would want gelato and if I was in Portland I would simply go to Gorgeous Gelato. If I happened to be in Brunswick or driving through Brunswick, I would stop by Gelato Fiasco. Now it won't be that easy. I might just have to give it all up and go to Go Berry, the new frozen yogurt place that just opened at the corner of Exchange and Fore street. Portland, specifically Fore street (what with East End Cupcakes and Old Port Candy Shop) is quickly becoming my sweet tooth haven. I need a gym membership.

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