Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Magnolia Bakery

I have always wanted to eat a cupcake from Magnolia's, well by always I mean ever since I heard "Lazy Sunday" by the Lonely Island and saw the skit on SNL. It's amazing!
"Let's hit up Magnolia and mack on some cupcakes!"

A pal of mine brought me back two cupcakes from a recent trip to NYC. We've been having discussions of how we aren't all that fond of red velvet, so I was a bit surprised when one of the two happened to be red velvet, but it turned out I liked that one much more than the vanilla with chocolate frosting. She said that when she was in there the selection was limited, which isn't surprising since they are always crazy busy. I honestly expected something magical, but the cupcakes were just okay. I did really like the frosting on the red velvet cupcake. It was the frosting equivalent to homemade whipped cream. Obviously it wasn't that, since whipped cream would not make an hour six hour bus ride back from New York, but that was exactly how it tasted and the consistency was just a little bit thicker than whipped cream is. My friend guessed that it was a traditional boiled frosting, which is officially my favorite type of frosting now. Two Fat Cats, here in Portland, has amazing boiled frosting. I won't be making any quick trips to NYC to have Magnolia's again, but I would definitely go there the next time I am in the city. It would be interesting to see their physical location and to actually have the Magnolia's experience myself.


  1. What a shame they weren't amazing. I hate when mega popular cupcakeries let you down on flavour, there are more than a few of those in London and it really annoys me! next time someone you know goes to NY get them to bring you back some Crumbs cupcakes. They are still hands down the tastiest yummiest cupcakes I've ever eaten...and I've eaten LOADS!

  2. Whoa! I will have to! I think that I have heard of Crumbs before, but I will make sure to ask for something from them or *gasp* if I make it to NYC myself, actually go there!