Sunday, October 30, 2011

Swap Maine

Yesterday was the second Swap Maine event, located at the East End school in Portland. I went to the first swap, but a little too late in the day for the exciting swap action. I did still manage to get a pretty nice pink sweater, but this time I was in it to win it. I went for the pre-swap brunch, that included so many tasty treats from local restaurants/food vendors such as: Stonyfield Cafe, 13th Cookie, Local Sprouts, Katie Made Bakery and many more. That tiny cupcake was a peanut butter cup cupcake. The frosting was so peanut buttery! It was a little intense. I love Katie Made Bakery and their muffins, so I immediately grabbed one while I was going through the tables of food. I also snagged the cheesy bread thing on the far right, which came from Stonyfield Cafe. I don't know what it was exactly, but it had a crazy amount of garlic on it and it was amazing. I wanted another piece, but by the time I had finished they had all disappeared. At the Swap they had a couple of raffle prizes during the pre-swap brunch and I won a gift certificate to Stonyfield Cafe and TWO cases of yogurt. I don't even know how much yogurt that is. It's a good thing I love Stonyfield yogurt! I put my raffle tickets into that box (you could choose between the prizes to enter your tickets in), because I have never gone to Stonyfield Cafe, but I have always wanted to. Now I have no reason to put off going, since I have a very awesome gift certificate to use there. Overall I had so much foodie fun at the Swap, before the fashion fun even started!

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